Hardcore Photos Of Jennifer Garner

October 1st, 2010 by alias

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Even as sexually free as Jennifer Garner is, we didn’t expect this flood of hardcore pictures of her to exist.  I’m sure she’s a very sexually-active babe, because that’s the kind of world she comes from, but the casualness of the way she just sleeps with one guy after another isn’t something we expected, with her being married and all — but we’re glad she’s doing it!  That means we’ve all got a slightly bigger chance now of banging this hot Alias babe just like these lucky guys did.
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There isn’t any position Jennifer isn’t comfy with, judging by these pictures.  You can plug her pussy from behind, from on top, or from under her.  She’ll suck you off real good too, and let you cum on her face.  Now that’s every guy’s fantasy babe right there! And if you don’t want to miss a thing, then check out this link, and go see the the hottest, dirtiest Jennifer Garner pics.
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Jennifer Garner’s anal sex and interracial threesome experience

April 27th, 2010 by alias

It must be getting extremely lonely in the Affleck-Garner household lately what with her husband Ben shooting a new film with the lovely Blake Lively leaving her alone with the kids to take care of by herself. From recent candid shots we see of Jennifer Garner, you can tell on her face that she is a wife in desperate need for some good lovin’ and attention. I guess when you went from one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood to a just plain old Jane wife, you do things that is out of character.

So out of character that she started to indulge herself in threesome with men who are either black or mexican. Strange fetish huh? I wonder if Ben knew about this dirty little interracial sex agenda this devilish whore is into lately. Was she drugged at this time, letting the men take pictures of her sucking both of their stiff cocks and letting them fuck her in her sweet pussy and ass at the same time? Jennifer Garner anal sex pics is what came out this wild sexcapade. Or maybe she is very aware of what happened, you know what they say…lell hath no fury than a woman scorned and if you ask me the rest of these naked pictures is sure is hot as hell.

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July 16th, 2008 by alias

This has got to be the closest thing to heaven and we have uncovered this hot video of Jennifer Garner in all of her naked glory as she takes a hot shower. You can see how truly delectable this Hollywood babe is with her nice tits and smooth pussy. Now before you go totally loco with these screenshots from her sizzling shower video, you might want to check the entire thingy by visiting Jennifer Garner Naked and get the lowdown on only the hottest and explicit stuff of the one and only Jennifer Garner. Just take it easy on the wanking dudes!

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July 16th, 2008 by alias

Jennifer may be as swift and cunning as Elektra or Sydney Bristow in Alias but what we’ve got here is evidence that she has definitely put into good use all of her training and workout routine to become an action star… in bed! And man is she damn good! She can really take on a bunch of the baddest and hungriest studs as Jennifer had their throbbing cocks plugging her dripping love holes while she would jerk some of them or have one schlong sliding in and out of her mouth. All of this raunchy stuff about Jennifer Garner is captured in full explicit detail with one steamy photo set of hardcore pictures detailing our babe’s sexual misadventures behind the glitz and glamour of Hollywood life.

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July 16th, 2008 by alias

I’m really not too sure if her hubby Ben Affleck would be happy to see these pictures of her beautiful wife going down on her knees and stuffing her hungry mouth with big and stiff cocks ready to slide in and out to satisfy her craving for a sizzling blowjob session. And these blowjob pictures are enough proof that Jennifer is one cock-hungry slut who will open her mouth willingly and get down to business! We are truly fortunate to have in our possession this photo set of hers and guys out there just couldn’t wait to unzip their flies and start wanking over these picture samples. But if you want to see more blowjob action from Jennifer Garner, then you might as well click on Jennifer Garner Naked and see the entire collection that will leave you dry and panting like a dog in heat!

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July 16th, 2008 by alias

Jennifer Garner is indeed every guy’s ultimate fantasy most especially with her pretty looks and stunning buffed figure, but sadly we can only go as far as seeing her really sexy when she dons her hot red Elektra costume or when she appears on magazine spreads… but we were not prepared to see a very different Jennifer Garner when we got hold of these very sizzling naked pictures of her and I’m sure that you guys out there will have a wonderful time browsing through our small collection we have posted here as you can see Jennifer doing such naughty deeds in front of the camera like spreading her long legs and flaunting her sweet pussy and playing with her delectable titties. These steamy naked pictures are truly a prized catch for those lusting for a glimpse of Jennifer Garner in the flesh, so to speak.

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